Marine Service Technology - The marine industry is a 20 billion dollar industry in Florida. West Palm Beach accounts for over 2 billion dollars of that total. Students who are equipped to work on marine engines are in demand and can earn at a high rate. Students learn the basic theory of marine engine operation and how to service two stroke, four stroke, and diesel engines. This is a very hands-on series of classes that enable students to also learn 12 volt electrical systems and some basic welding. Safety rules and procedures are always stressed. Some students completing the Marine Service program have gone straight into the workplace as marine mechanics without any additional training. There are several excellent providers of post-secondary technical training for marine mechanics as well - Palm Beach State College, Broward College, Marine Mechanics Institute, The STAR Center, and Wyotech are key training centers in this region for marine service technology.

Marine Biology - Florida is surrounded by water and has a rich and diverse marine population. Marine science students learn in a very "hands on" manner about not only marine species, but the ecosystems that support marine life. The content of the Marine Science courses actively seeks to develop the use of the scientific method, enhance understanding of the relevance of marine science to society; develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of marine science that are useful in everyday life, and encourage effective communication; develop objectivity, integrity, initiative, and the skills of scientific inquiry; stimulate interest in and care for the local and global environment and understand the need for conservation. Marine Science 1 and 2 also exposes students to the work that marine scientists actually engage in.

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